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Swimming & ClASSES


At Banna Beach we have a 20 metre long deck level swimming pool with 4 swimming lanes with features such as an Air Lounger, Bubble Pool, a learner’s section and a separate toddlers’ pool.

Other facilities include a Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi and relaxation area.
Our qualified instructors are available for classes for both adults and kids.



Children's Swimming Lessons

To swimming lessons are an invaluable part of your child's life is an understatement. Learning to swim and be safe in water from an early age is a must.


The benefits to the child includes:

• Understanding water safety

• Developing water confidence

• Provide physical exercise

• Improves sleep

• Reduces stress & anxiety

• Helps develop motor skills

• Improves concentration

• Helps to develop a healthy relationship with exercise

Our children's swimming lessons run all year round.


Our groups are small and there are many levels to choose from:

Pre-school (suitable for children aged 3 - 5 years, small group with instructor in the water)


Level 1 (Complete beginner, 5 years+)

Level 2 (Comfortable without armbands but will relies on backpack/shark fin in deeper water)

Level 3 (Comfortable in deeper water, swimming unaided for 5 meters, front & back)

Level 4 (Can swim front, back & basic breast stroke & have front crawl breathing)

Level 5 & 6 (Comfortable front crawl breathing, ability to swim 20m backstroke, breast stroke & have a knowledge of the butterfly stroke)

Banna Seals

Then we have Banna Seals Group which is a pre-competitive group aimed primarily at developing swimming skills and endurance in all 4 strokes. It caters for 6 years and up who either want to:

• Improve swimming efficiency.

• Improve Swimming fitness and skills in all four strokes.

•  Advance onto a competitive swimming programme.

Under the expert eye of one of Ireland's most experienced swimming coaches,

Liam Bohan, and acclaimed by USA Swimming Technical Director as "having great technical and scientific based knowledge in the sport".


For your child to enter into the Banna Seals Programme they will need to be recommended by Swim Teachers in our Learn to Swim Programme but ultimately approved by the Banna Seals Coach as there will be a minimum entry criteria.

These are the levels available in the club to our younger visitors/members. People are often unsure at what level to put their child in so the description above should help.

Banna Baby Sharks

And this year we are introducing our Banna Baby Sharks course. These lessons are for babies 6 months to 3 years. They will take place each Saturday, will be 30 minutes long and will comprise o fa maximum of 10 little ones, each accompanied by a parent/guardian. The skills are thought through songs, play and repetitions.

Levels & times are as follows:

Baby level 1  - 6 months to 1 year

During the 1st year of the babies' lives, water is the perfect environment to build strength, balance and coordination and to facilitate parent/baby bonding. Fun games will help us to create a positive environment and prepare your baby for submersions.

Baby level 2 - 1 - 2 years

A natural progression towards independent swimming, that emphasises on learning through having fun. Water confidence & water breathing along with early stroke development are the main aims of this level. We will consolidate the skills that your child has already learnt and introduce new ones, with the help of songs and games. An introduction to water safety will take place too, enabling your child to be as safe as possible around water.

Baby level 3  - 2 - 3 years

The focus here is to master the skills previously learnt and introduce new ones appropriate to their age. During each class we will make sure that

your child's confidence in the water is fully nurtured. We will introduce streamlining, diving to collect objects, treading water and floating.



Call us now on 066 7134842 to book or book at reception

Adult Swimming Lessons

"It's never too late", is the truest statement when it comes to swimming lessons. Over the years we've seen young and old come through the door - sometimes in terrified states - wanting to know if swimming lessons are for them and the answer is always "yes" swimming is for everyone Even if you are the most nervous of swimmers or someone who wants to improve on technique we have the lessons for you.

For many adults, fear of water can be a significant barrier to learning to swim. However, with the right guidance and instruction, you can gradually overcome this fear and build confidence in the water.

Benefits of swimming lessons include:

• Developing water confidence

• Understanding water safety

• Improving your general fitness level

• It is a great way to relieve stress

• There is also a social element to it as it is part of a small group

We offer levels 1 - 4 three mornings a week along with two evenings so there should be a time to suit everyone.


This class is for the adult swimmer who have mastered the front crawl & breathing and is looking to improve fitness and technique with their front crawl.

From October to December we concentrate on technique of the stroke with the use of flippers, front facing snorkel and paddles. From January onwards we really introduce distance and aerobic fitness.

This class has a real social aspect to it as well as swimming of course!

One-to-one private lessons are also available in the club. Details of instructors can be got from reception.

Call us now on 066 7134842 to book or book at reception

New additions to the club this year

Due to great demand we are introducing 2 Ice Baths which will are located on the upper deck of the pool. "Ice?" you say. Cold is scientifically proven to be good for the body and mind. It improves the well-being in several ways:

• Speedy recovery from injuries

• Relieving inflammation

• Increase energy levels

• Improves stamina and resistance

Provides better sleep quality


And back by popular demand, our family favourite Pool Inflatable - the COMMANDO RUN! This 2 lane obstacle course on the water provides hours of fun and physical activity 

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