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This is a category that is often forgotten and are just left to their own devices. However, the benefits of fitness and health in your early years continue to help you in later life. Some of these benefits include :

• Improving self confidence

Building a stronger, healthy body

Reducing stress, anxiety &increasing relaxation

Improving sleep quality

Sharpening memory & thinking Having more energy


Using the gym equipment correctly is key to a successful fitness journey and our instructors will be on hand to help out and advise you how to do this. Taking a break from screens & studying to do a physical activity helps the body & mind.


There will also be classes that you can join in on e.g. circuits, swimming lessons, core strength and stretch, kardio dance, yoga & pilates. There will be something to suit everyone.

And if there is a group of you that would like to get together to do a class or specific training session just let us know and we will organise one of our trainers to help you with this.

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