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We know we keep referring to the hustle and bustle of life but that's just how things are nowadays so it's nice to take a break from the norm and a family leisure club membership can provide just that. And there is something for all the family in Banna Beach Leisure Club.


As mentioned before there are many benefits for adults who join us. If it's just to do your own thing to get a break from it all or to join in a class this membership also has you covered.


For the kids we have:

• Swimming lessons (free 6 week course for each child inc in membership)

Swimming clinics


Safe introduction to the gym (12 yrs +) Pool inflatable sessions


But the great thing about the family membership is the family time.

It gives you the opportunity to encourage the whole family to try something new together. Get them to take a break from the screens and gaming and get them active in a fun environment where all the family can get involved.

And with great membership rates for families that you can spread over easy payments, it makes it an affordable investment in your family's health & wellbeing.

Family Bike Ride
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